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Our values support your actions, our actions support YOU.

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Relecom & Partners has a real purpose: a company that knows how to combine a global perspective with a local action method, respecting the culture and identity of each country, having a responsible approach and participating in the country’s development, integrating notions of education, health and environment.

A vertical business that approaches the country from a cultural, economic, political and social point of view, and which gives access to a strong intercultural awareness that unites people around the same values.

Our values support our actions, our actions support YOU


Disruptive, multicultural, curious

We mobilize our native resources
We share our local knowledge (expectations, practices, cultures)
We build disruptive propositions in addition to traditional resources

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Integrity, loyalty, transparency

Integrity, loyalty, transparency
We only accept missions we can perform and deliver. We protect and respect the core values of our clients
We implement only legal practices


Résilience, adaptabilité, discrétion

We deliver whatever the mission environment

We aim for excellence
We respect the commitments on quality, costs and delays .

Relecom & Partners’ DNA

Relecom & Partners, an international strategy and development consulting firm, founded in 2007.
Relecom & Partners’ purpose is to integrate the cultural dimension in the successfull management and completion of international projects.
Relecom & Partners is more than 12 years of experience in LatAm, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, India, ASEAN.

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We act seamlessly with our clients all over the world, in the strict respect of the French law Sapin II